The Best Ways For Women To Get And Stay Fit

cutSometimes, the hardest aspect to achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle is to simply make time for it. For women especially, fitness can be a difficult thing to achieve, because the time demands of daily life always get in the way, one way or another. There simply are not enough hours in a given day for most women to accomplish all that they want and need to, and to keep fit at the same time.

The secret to women’s fitness, though, is actually incredibly simple. It does not take hours in the gym, draconian dieting or even that much pain and suffering. All it takes for a woman to keep fit is to learn the secret of the model routine.

No Mindless, Endless Cardio

One of the things that makes exercise so difficult for women is the fact that cardio can be mind numbingly boring, and it can often provide counter productive results. Take for example the fact that many women who spend more than an hour a day on the treadmill eventually end up eating many more calories by the end of the day than their counterparts who do not exercise at all. While it is important to exercise, it is crucial that women exercise effectively.

Women’s Fitness Is All About The Diet

The fact is that women’s health revolves around the food that they eat. You can exercise all day every day for the rest of your natural life, and if you have a poor diet, you will not get fit.

The focus of a women’s diet should revolve around accurate calorie intake and a balance between protein, fats, and carbohydrates. While this balance can be difficult to achieve, it is essential to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. For an active woman, a diet that centers around 1500 to 1800 calories a day is usually ideal, but of course this varies by person, because every woman’s metabolism is different.

Do Not Waste Time With Fad Women’s Fitness Plans

Make the most of your fitness regimen by ensuring that you get results for the time that you put in. Basic cardio and light strength training is the key to achieving for women the fitness results that they seek. Many women fitness enthusiasts stick to rather basic training methods, eschewing many of the fads that come and go with each and every season. True fitness stems from being able to integrate fitness into a woman’s life.

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Hye! First of all thank you for reading my profile. My name is Diana and I'm currently 24 years old. I'm passionate about health & beauty. I also love swimming and working out. Feel free to visit my website below to find out more about me and some special secret tips! :-)

18 responses to “The Best Ways For Women To Get And Stay Fit

  1. Jeffrey Sterling, MD

    Well done! Garbage in, garbage out…

  2. Amazing article! Basically everything I have ever wanted to say to someone who is considering putting themselves on a diet or staying on the elliptical all day. How boring 😀

  3. I love this post! Most people think all you have to do is exercise and you can eat all the cake in the world. So I started my mission today actually. I went food shopping & I got rid of any of the things I knew I can’t have. But the goal is to learn self control. There will always be people around me who will challenge me to eat pizza and chocolate so I’m determined to practice my “No Thank Yous.” !

    • Your not going to be perfect tho. Apart of that self control, is allowing for one slice of pizza instead of 2/3. When getting a chocolate dove bar, enjoying 4 cubes not the whole bar.
      You’ll be more successful that way, because if you don’t allow a Lil you tend to bing when you do eat the stuff. Keep up the good work

      • That’s absolutely true! & I don’t deprive myself of things but being able to limit is what counts! Thanks again!

      • Yes, for sure! And when we go shopping, leaving the bad stuff in the store is crucial. If I do have some chocolate, I don’t want to bring the big bag home. I may stop at the convenient store, grab that dove bar and have only a serving then share/ give away the rest!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog and also for a great article! =) Am looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

  5. Another reason why being on a treadmill for an hour for anyone is counter productive, is because we are not picking up our intensity. Being on that long actually slows down our metabolism and keeps weight on us. Instead doing sprint intervals, for shorter time is key!

  6. great article. tom schneider md

  7. Great article! Another fantastic resource I can recommend for those that are particularly time poor when it comes to exercise is a book called the ‘The 10 minute workout’ by Shaun Foye. It’s amazing what 10 minutes of focus can do, especially if its a compounded daily. Hope that helps 🙂

  8. I THANK YOU for the glimpse of a thought.

    When I was in the Second grade I weighed 126 lbs., 360 leaving High School. At 60 years I’m at 178 lbs. HOW did I do this? As a child whenever we’d tell an adult that we’d “LOST” something they WOULD tell us to “go FIND it”. INSIDIOUS LESSONS, it WORKS the SAME when “WE” think about LOSING WEIGHT… generally we tend to FIND IT again. And being the greedy folk we are “FINDING” that which was lost is cause celebre’ … to enhance the “find”. We HAVE to STOP using subliminal fails. THIS is WHY the “Weight LOSS” industry IS a BILLION DOLLAR “ENTER-PRIZE”! NO MATTER HOW the cause IS “explained” “ASP BLUBBER” can go by ANY name the sales-person deems.


  9. Thank you for “liking” my Pumpkin Protein Smoothie Recipe on my blog,! Great blog you have here, a great balanced approach to weight management. Kudos!

  10. Very true. On the treadmill I vary my speed and incline every 5 minutes or so. Keeps my mind active, which can be so difficult when doing indoor activity.

  11. lisaheartslife

    Excellent post – couldn’t have put it better myself!

  12. For healthy lifestyle, good eating you need time and lot’s of money. I’m even not talking about suplements but simple diet. Healthy food is expensive. Instead fancy freen salad with tuna ,herbs and mix of different vegies you can have pasta with chicken or just potato soup,bread beacause is cheap. Another point is, if you can afford healthy balanced diet you must have a time to prepare that and be full concentrate on target. I know after myself, when I loose concentration for 1 or 2 days I’m loading crap

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